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Former SkillsFuture chief executive Ong Tze-Ch’in to take over as chief executive of PUB


SINGAPORE: A new chief executive will take charge of the national water agency PUB, less than one year and four months after the appointment of the incumbent.

Mr Ong Tze-Ch’in will take over from Mr Goh Si Hou on Nov 1, the Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment (MSE) announced on Tuesday (Sep 19).

Mr Ong, 48, will continue in his current position as Deputy Secretary (Resilience) in MSE after Nov 1.

Mr Goh, 45, was appointed PUB chief executive on Jul 22 last year, his first job after stepping down as Chief of Army in March. He will take on another senior leadership role in the public service, said MSE, which did not specify the role.


In his current role as Deputy Secretary (Resilience) in MSE, Mr Ong oversees water and food policies, international relations, communications and engagement and emergency planning.

Before this, he was chief executive of SkillsFuture Singapore and concurrent Deputy Secretary (SkillsFuture) in the Ministry of Education.

He also held military positions, serving as director of military intelligence/chief C4I and commander of the 3rd Singapore Division in the Singapore Armed Forces.

He holds two master's degrees, one in business administration from INSEAD (2010) and the other in defence studies from King’s College London (2006). He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Stanford University in 1998.


Under Mr Goh’s leadership, PUB set out long-term strategies to strengthen Singapore’s water security and climate resilience, said MSE.

He led the agency in the development of the Water Masterplan, which charted out the long-term infrastructure plans to ensure the country’s water security.

These include the “significant expansion” of Singapore’s water reclamation and NEWater capacity as a sustainable water source.

“PUB also achieved progress in major infrastructure projects, including the completion of tunnelling works for DTSS (Deep Tunnel Sewerage System) and the redevelopment of Kranji Water Reclamation Plant,” MSE added.

The agency stepped up partnership with the community and industry to strengthen water conservation to move towards sustainable growth in long-term water demand.

It introduced new measures such as mandatory water recycling for water-intensive sectors and enhanced water efficiency funding.

The ministry expressed its “deep appreciation to Mr Goh for his leadership and invaluable contributions to PUB and the MSE family”.

“He brought together coastal protection with PUB’s stormwater management function to drive integrated planning, modelling and solutioning to our flood risks,” MSE said.

“Together, these serve to strengthen Singapore’s resilience against rising sea levels and extreme rainfall amidst climate change.”

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