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Money Talks Podcast: How to invest your first S$100,000


Dexter Tiah was only two years into his first job when he accumulated enough to start his first S$100,000 investment portfolio.

The investor and author of the personal finance book Laughs, Losses and Lessons, shares with Andrea Heng how he achieved this.

I put a large chunk of my monthly salary, I put my bonus that I received into investments, and those were the kind of steps that I needed to take in order to reach this goal (of a S$100,000 portfolio).

Dexter Tiah, investor and author of personal finance book Laughs, Losses and Lessons, talks about how to build a S$100,000 investment portfolio on the Money Talks podcast. (Photo: CNA/Tiffany Ang)

Jump to these key moments:

  • 2:13 Is S$100,000 a reasonable goal to aim for?
  • 6:53 Be disciplined and regularly contribute to the portfolio
  • 10:55 Building blocks in a S$100,000 portfolio
  • 19:04 Various risk levels
  • 24:31 Rectifying bad investments

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