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SG FWB database for sale

Hi bros, selling my new FWB contacts due to popular demand.

Buy it here (limited to first 5 buyers only so ladies do not get overwhelmed).
Can WhatsApp me at +84 90 216 68 14 if you prefer to pay via PayNow.

If you want to buy direct pls buy at the link below.
Sorry the link keeps changing cos people keep reporting the listing.

First come first serve.

Please be respectful when you contact them.

1. Olivia - Horny single Singaporean lady looking for young man.

2. Susie - 30 year old divorced Singaporean woman, C Cup, looking for friendship.

3. Maya - Singaporean divorcee who divorced 3 years ago

4. Anne - D cup tanned Singaporean lady looking for some fun

5. Teo Kia - 29F busty Singaporean swinger

6. Ginger - Young Singaporean Chinese with small tattoos and colored hair, 32B cups

7. Vivian - 26 year old Chinese ah lian bad girl, very horny, works as influencer

8. Tanya - 33 year old mixed looking Chinese girl with D cups.

9. Lana - 24 year old Eurasian pregnant lady, D cups, still very horny.

10. Lindy -33 year old local Singaporean Chinese

11. Michelle - 22 year old Singaporean Chinese with B Cups

12 Maya - A Singaporean working as a real estate manager in Australia (Telegram).

13 Jessie - A cute young B-cup Singaporean Chinese, 23 years old, looking for a fling (Telegram).

13. Lana - A 22-year-old Russian girl with a 34B cup size.

14. Khloe - A 23-year-old German fluent in English (WhatsApp and Telegram).

15. Carmen Wong - A natural D-cup, 26-year-old curvy Malaysian Chinese babe.

16. Ariel - A 21-year-old B-cup Malaysian Chinese babe.

17. Winry - A bubbly 24-year-old Malaysian with 32D cups.

18. Gina - A 21-year-old Malaysian Taiwanese girl with 36D cups.

19. Mave - A 24-year-old Malaysian Chinese girl with 32D cups.

10. Angela - A 39-year-old Chinese MILF (WhatsApp or SMS only).

11. Nolita - Has a great ass and gets wet easily.

12. Aya - A Chinese Indonesian MILF with a hot body, C-cup boobs, and solid stamina.

13. Kat - A MILF in her mid-30s (WhatsApp).

14. Nirulla - A local Singaporean Chinese girl in university, looking for an FWB to recover from heartbreak (Telegram contact).

15. Anayah - A C-cup MILF with a great ass, likes to go to the beach and party (Telegram).

16. Anna - A B-cup local university girl (Telegram).

17. Sarah - A Filipino BSBA business student who recently went through heartbreak. She can do virtual sex calls before she warms up to you (Telegram).

18. Ayu - A girl willing to do video call sex (Snapchat).

19. Desi - An Indonesian nurse, 35 years old (WhatsApp). Horny and gets wet easily. If you can pay, she'll have sex. She's lonely, so if you can get to her heart, the sex is free, just pay for other things.

20. Yuchen: Local MILF - 34+ years old (WhatsApp). Offers simple PPM HJ/BJ only, price negotiable.

21. Yumi - An Indonesian domestic helper, 30+ years old (WhatsApp). Can have sex on her free days, sometimes available on weekdays too.

22. Amy - A MILF with big boobs (WhatsApp).

23. Jenny - A Thai girl with big boobs (WhatsApp).

24. Cleo - A BBW local (Telegram).

25. Ruby - Contact details at @

26. Lara - Available on WhatsApp and Telegram @

27. Tiara He - A 21-year-old Singaporean Chinese with 34C breasts, tattoos, and piercings (Telegram @).

28. Tiffany - A 19-year-old poly student with tattoos (Telegram @).

29. Angela - A 39-year-old Chinese MILF with 34C breasts (WhatsApp or SMS @; Telegram @).

30. Jessica - A 21-year-old schoolgirl (Telegram).

31. Jeannette - A 34C Singaporean Chinese (WhatsApp Only, Telegram).

32. Calista - A 34-year-old MILF Singaporean Chinese (Telegram).

33. Flora - A 22-year-old Singaporean Chinese with pink nipples (Telegram).

34. Chloe - A Singaporean Chinese MILF with D-cup breasts (WhatsApp).

35. Hannah - An E-cup Singaporean Chinese model with tattoos (WhatsApp).

36. Jana - 35 year old Filipino expat, classy and intelligent (Telegram/Line: ecabebs, WhatsApp

37. Jeanelle - Malay 34 year old MILF (Telegram)

38. Hine - Onlyfans 23 year old Singaporean student (Telegram)

39. Tammy Tay - Singaporean local onlyfans creator (Telegram)

40. 42 year old Indonesian lady. Fantasies hard swinging, MMF, cuckold, and GB. Telegram

41. Aya. Swinging Indonesian lady. Telegram.