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Thai [Thailand] Foodglorious food!


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Wattana Panich (วัฒนาพานิช-ก๋วยเตี๋ยวเนื้อ)

Address: 336-338 Ekkamai Soi 18, Thanon Sukhumvit, Bangkok, Thailand
Phone number: 02-391 7264, 02-392
Open hours: 10 am – 8:30 pm daily
Prices: About 80 – 100 THB for beef noodles, 200 THB for goat noodles

ที่อยู่ 336-338 ซอยเอกมัย 18 ถ.สุขุมวิท 63 (ซอยเอกมัย 18) คลองเตยเหนือ กรุงเทพ
โทร. 02-391 7264, 02-392
เปิดบริการทุกวัน 10:00 – 20:30

How to get there:
The restaurant is located in the Ekkamai area of Bangkok on Ekkamai Soi 18. It’s a few kilometers from the Ekkamai BTS station, so from the BTS, you can either take a taxi, a bus, or a motorbike to Soi 18 and then look for that yellow and red sign (picture above).

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Thai Beef Noodles at Wattana Panich, Ekkamai (วัฒนาพานิช-ก๋วยเตี๋ยวเนื้อ)

No words are necessary here…

I’m just going to give you a moment to dwell upon one of the most beautiful swimming pools of slow bubbling cubes of beef you may have ever seen…

It was one of the most amazing I had seen.

Just look into the face of that jacuzzi of tenderly stewed beef love, of meat, fat, spices, and juices that looks like they’ve been boiling in the same cauldron for centuries.

(NOTE: Wattana Panich seems to be the most common English spelling, but really the Thai pronunciation would be more like “paneed” with a very soft d ending)

It’s a jaw dropping pan of meat that greets you as you enter Wattana Panich (วัฒนาพานิช-ก๋วยเตี๋ยวเนื้อ), one of the most famous beef noodle restaurants in Bangkok.

Just walking in, and seeing the beef, is enough to make you realize why it’s such a famous restaurant to eat beef noodles in Bangkok.

Actually, years ago, I had written an article and made a video about a beef noodle spot on Udom Suk. Someone had commented, saying I need to try the restaurant on Ekkamai, and it took a few years to finally get here, but I’m thrilled I did.

Wattana Panich (วัฒนาพานิช-ก๋วยเตี๋ยวเนื้อ) is most famous for kuay teow neua, or Thai beef noodles.

They are located in the Ekkamai area of Bangkok, housed in an old-school Chinese shophouse that has fantastic character to it.

The interior of Wattana Panich (วัฒนาพานิช-ก๋วยเตี๋ยวเนื้อ) is exactly what you should be looking for in a good restaurant in Bangkok.

I’m talking about well used tables and chairs, antiques on the walls, clutter everywhere, and just ancient looking everything – there was a stash of beer under my table, so I couldn’t sit straight in the table, and that’s exactly the type of little sign I love when eating a top-notch restaurants.

Wattana Panich (วัฒนาพานิช-ก๋วยเตี๋ยวเนื้อ) attracts some pretty cool, stunna shades rockin’ customers too – everyone from Chinese men to foreigners, ready to get their fix of tender beef and goat.
Som Tam Jay So (ร้านส้มตำเจ๊โส)

Address: Soi Phiphat 2, Silom, Bangkok 10500
Open hours: 8:30 am – 4:30 pm daily
Price: About 40 – 50 THB per dish

ที่อยู่ ซอยพิพัฒ 2 สีลม บางรัก กรุงเทพมหานคร 10500
โทร. 085-999-4225
เปิดบริการทุกวัน 8.30 – 16.30 น.

How to get there: Som Tam Jay So (ร้านส้มตำเจ๊โส) is located on Soi Phiphat 2, right off Soi Convent in Silom. It’s just a 5 minute walk from Sala Daeng BTS station.

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Som Tam Jay So (ร้านส้มตำเจ๊โส) is a very popular Isaan restaurant located right in the downtown business district of Silom, in Bangkok.

If you go at the peak of lunch on a weekday, expect it to be packed out – and big groups of office workers also often call ahead to reserve tables. So if possible, try to show up a little before lunch, at about 10:30 am or 11 am to get a table quickly.

The restaurant looks like little more than the front of a garage from the outside, but they have a few tables set up outside on the street, plus a section inside the patio, and then more tables set up inside the parking lot of the house.

At the front of Som Tam Jay So (ร้านส้มตำเจ๊โส) you’ll see the green papaya salad ingredients on the left side, where they prepare all the salads, and a cabinet full of grilled meat and an assortment of pots that include soup broth on the right hand side.

The owners are all very friendly, and it’s one of those restaurants in Bangkok that even though you’re right in the middle of downtown, you’re down a quiet relaxing side street.

Som Tam Jay So (ร้านส้มตำเจ๊โส) is a local Isaan restaurant in the Silom area of Bangkok, that I think serves some of the best som tam (green papaya salad) in the city.

Their different versions of green papaya salad are outstanding, fiery hot, pungent with fermented fish sauce, and overall just thrilling to the taste buds. They also serve an assortment of other Isaan dishes, especially excellent chicken wings and grilled pork neck.

For myself, eating som tam at Som Tam Jay So (ร้านส้มตำเจ๊โส) is about as close as you can get to eating in Isaan while still being in Bangkok.
Pig Trotter Rice

Address: Thanon Sukhumvit 77 Khwaeng Phra Khanong Nuea, Khet Watthana, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10110, Thailand
Operating hour: 10am to 6pm daily.

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At 30 Sukhumvit 77 Rd (near to BigC Onnut), we arrived at this 40-year-old stall that sells excellent pig trotter rice (35 to 55 baht) and mix organ soup (35 to 45 baht). You are greeted with a spread of pig intestines and other various parts such as pig skin, trotters and pork belly right at the entrance of the shop. Yes, it is very similar to our local kway chap, except that they serve it with rice instead of the kway. My lunch was a plate of pig trotter with beancurd, pig’s blood and many other ingredients. The owner took effort to clean and braise the offal for a long time. Texture of the pig trotter is good, thick skin and tender meat but still retaining some bite. The mixed organ soup was flavourful and tasty with generous serving of pork liver, pig’s blood, lean meat, salted vegetable etc.
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Claypot King Bangkok

Address: 73/10 Soi Ruam Rudi 2, Lumphini, Pathum Wan, Bangkok 10330
Operating Hour: 10am to 8pm daily
Phone: 065 565 5835


Claypot King sells Chinese food, clay pot stew, Chinese medicine stew, delivered to your home as a gift . Can be eaten by the whole family
Claypot King - 大煲王. Super authentic Chinese food.

Traditional Chinese food , stewed with Chinese medicine, braised black chicken with Chinese medicine. Braised Pork Ribs with Chinese Medicine, Braised Pork Legs, delicious, authentic

. We create homemade Chinese food in a blend of Chinese style. Bring natural ingredients and herbs to cook to make simple dishes full of nutrients. without improvement Customers will be able to taste the true taste of nature ... The difficult thing is to make simple, delicious and

nutritious dishes. There is no such thing as a doctor
Chao Xiang Restaurant ( 潮香大酒楼 )

Address 1:
B1 Floor, InterContinental Bangkok Hotel, Ploenchit Road, Tel. 02-626-1615, 081-810-9788

Address 2:
Ratchadaphisek, the Travelers hotel, Tel. 082 373 5555

Operating hour: 10:30am o 2.30pm, 4.30pm to 10pm daily.


Today, the agile online team takes you to taste. Authentic Chinese food at Cao Xiang Restaurant 2nd branch in the heart of Bangkok @InterContinental Bangkok Taste a full Teochew-style Chinese food at the emperor's level.

Recently, we are far from the enclave of weddings, auspicious events or big parties. Been together for a long time because of the covid situation For those who miss the atmosphere of dining at a large table. met and talked with family Or have a private party in the VIP room. It is recommended to come to Cao Xiang Restaurant Taste delicious, fresh, delicious, authentic Cantonese Teochew food. From the name that is conveyed by combining two words together, such as "Cao" means Chaozhou and "Xiang" means fragrant when combined as "Cao Xiang" (潮香大酒楼) according to the reading of a man's accent. Darin, or Mandarin, means a restaurant with a Teochew scent.

There are many private rooms. No room charge, as many people can come together. There are rooms from 10 to 20 people.

There also tim sum from 11am to 1430hrs.

Haoma Bangkok

Address: Haoma, 231/3 Sukhumvit Soi 31, Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: 02-038-5821
Area: Phrom Phong
Opening hours: Tue-Sun 5:30-10pm; Sat-Sun 11am-2:30pm


An Urban Farm Restaurant In Bangkok.

Haoma is Thailand’s first urban farm and zero-waste restaurant in the heart of Bangkok. Guided by our philosophy “Grow to Give Back,” everything we do is aimed at regenerating our ecosystem, food and community.

This modern two-story wood house with backyard views is the brainchild of the Indian chef Deepanker Khosla who is zealot for the farm-to-table and zero-waste approach. Their 10-course dinner menu (B3,290) aims to showcase “neo-Indian” showcasing the cuisine’s 3,500 years of history. Guests familiar with Indian food or experience living in India will find comfort dishes in the dinner’s elevated version. Pro tip: You can top up your main.

Haoma is equal parts urban farm and modern fine- dining restaurant. They grow 37 different edible greens for use in the kitchen, hope to turn carbon negative by 2019 and produce high-wire dishes of simple elegance.

You’ll get a short tour before the professional staff escort you to the modern house with backyard views. Every detail is a reference to the green mission of the restaurant, from the faint chime of recycled water coursing into the fish tanks, to the abundance of natural light, to furniture fashioned to emphasize the wood grain, to the earthy brick tones of the outdoor tables set amid the kitchen garden. Although the decor is very polished, the vibe is nonetheless down to earth, and pets are welcome outdoors.
Odean Crab Noodle

Address: 724-726 Charoen Krung Rd (just south of Lamphun Chai Rd and north of the Odeon Gate and Wat Traimit), Chinatown, Bangkok
T: (086) 888 2341, (084) 703 4042
Operating Hour: 8.30 am to 7.30pm (Close on tuesday)


Odean also does a mean crab fried rice, while those who aren’t feeling crabby (or shrimpy) can go for noodle soup with roasted pork instead. You’ll also find fried fish maw soup, which you may want to wash down with a glass of lemongrass, roselle or bael fruit juice. Those looking for a feast can order up plates of whole steamed crab claws for between 150 and 600 baht.

As the name suggests, this shophouse restaurant on Charoen Krung Road, in Bangkok's Chinatown is famous for crab wonton soup with egg noodles and roast pork, or Bamee Kiow Moo Daeng Pu as it's known locally.

Egg noodles with wontons and barbecue pork are probably among the five most eaten dishes in Thailand. You can literally find it on every street corner in Bangkok. Think of it as a Thai version of a sandwich in England, it comes in the varying degrees of quality but it's something that's never going to majorly let you down. You always know what you're getting!

Odean Crab Noodles are named after the nearby gate which signals the entrance to Bangkok's Chinatown. It's easy to spot from the window box display of steamed red crab claws that sits in front of the shop.

It all comes down to the quality of the individual ingredients used here. The egg noodles are handmade giving them a firmer more al dente texture that the average bamee shop. The prawn wontons are made fresh by hand every day. The roast barbecue pork is deliciously smokey and sweet. The fresh claws come in varying sizes, starting at 150 parts for a small claw all the way up to 550 but for a giant one. If you're on a budget you can go for the standard bowl, with a little bit of flakey crab meat, wontons, and bbq pork for 65 baht.

The restaurant is walkable from Si Praya, Marine Department or Ratchawonse piers. If you are coming from the city, you can take the MRT (metro) to Hua Lumphong. It's a 10-minute walk from there.

Bangkok Chinatown Dimsum Khanom Jib Pae Sia
Opening Hours: 11 am to 6 pm daily
Address: Plaeng Nam Rd, Samphanthawong, Bangkok 10100, Thailand (in front of ‘Chua Hoi Khanh’ or Yuan Temple)
Phone: +66 81 726 0777


This over 100 years old Bangkok Chinatown dimsum street food Khanom Jib Pae Sia was recommended to me by Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) Malaysia. We were having chatting about our trip to Bangkok and they recommended us a list of food to eat in Chinatown and Khanom Jib Pae Sia is one of them.

There is not many information available on Khanom jib Pae Sia on the Internet and we got our information from TAT. This dimsum stall was opened more than 100 years old by Peasia Orasirisakul’s grandfather.

His grandfather offers small khanom jib (pork dimsum or siew mai) in Sampheng area before his father took over. He started helping his father at the age of 16 years old. Moving to Plaeng Nam Rd, his father passed the business to him to continue the legacy. The dim sum stall is located at ‘Chua Hoi Khanh’ or Yuan Temple in Chinatown.

This is a very traditional dimsum and what is unique is it is bite size and immense with flavour. The dimsum is made with minced pork, mushroom, dried shrimp, black pepper and compliment with light soy sauce and chili sauce.
Jae Hmoy Kia Pork Porridge 猪肉粥

Address: 330/14 ซอย สุกร 2 Talat Noi, Samphanthawong, Bangkok 10100, Thailand
Operating Hour: Close on Monday. Open 3 am to 10 pm Tuesday to Sunday
Phone: +66 89 011 8802


A local favorite restaurant. The signature menu is a pork porridge. The porridge texture is very smooth. Pork also has nice taste, not much salty. This is good for breakfast. There also has parking space nearby the road not far from this restaurant. Free tea for drinking.

For breakfast, mainly frequented by locals and regulars. No seat inside but on the street. one of the best congee in Bangkok but Jok Prince is the best for me. I like the morning atmosphere of the place.

Very tasty Jok (congee, smooth rice porridge) cooked with pork stock on the street in front of an old Chinese shophouse, or takeaway.

Chinese porridge with best minch pork in chinatown. You can choose a soft-boil egg, century egg, double it or bouth. Choice of eggs, fresh, kai kem (salted) or kai yao ma (jellied), choice of pork moo bot (meatballs), moo sien jee (organs), gra duk moo (pork ribs). We preferred the meatballs, finely minced and not fatty. Extra with Chinese deep fried Croissant: Pa tong go. Good breakfast I can have every day.

Paa tong goh (doughnuts) - extra - are crispy and dry and run out very fast.

Friendly helpful staff found us some spare doughnuts at the end.

Around 50 baht for a delicious healthy breakfast. Nice and worth.
Urai Stewed Goose Bangkok Chinatown

935 Songwad Road, Samphanthawong

Opening Hours: 9.30 am to 2pm daily

Tel: 02-221 4413


This is something new we discovered in Bangkok Chinatown as recommended by our friends in Tourism Authority of Thailand. Stewed duck is a common food in Chinese community around the world but stewed goose is something rare that we never tasted even in Malaysia. When we found out that there is one little restaurant in Bangkok Chinatown selling stewed goose, we went there to check it out as we were staying there. The name of the restaurant is called Urai or Urai Han Pa lo.

Old school Chinese Thai style braised goose place. Can get pretty packed during lunch so do go early. Mostly locals and office workers crowd.

There is very least information about Urai stewed goose as it is popular with locals and it is not well known to tourists. There are no foreign food blog talks about this place so we are the first few blogs that recommend this restaurant.

Urai Stewed Goose is located 935 Songwad Road, Samphathawong and it is near the Yaowarat Road Bangkok Chinatown and slightly further than the Wat Mangkon MRT Station.

Urai Stewed Goose opens at 9.30 am and the restaurant was already packed around 9 am. We got ourselves a table and waited with the other customers, mostly locals. The waitress will pass us the menu and take our order.

The reason why it is hard to find stewed goose is the cost of the goose is way expensive than duck. Thus, the texture and taste of the goose is better than duck when you cook it right. That is the reason why we always prefer roast goose than roast duck

Urai Stewed Goose is something unique you must taste in Bangkok Chinatown.
Chua Kim Heng (ร้านฉั่วคิมเฮง)

Address: 81 Thanon Phatthanakan, Kwang Suan Luang, Kate Suan Luang, Bangkok 10250
Open hours: 8:30 am – 6 pm daily – these are the hours for serving goose
Phone number: 02-319-2511, 02-729-8822

How to get there: Chua Kim Heng (ร้านฉั่วคิมเฮง) is located in the Phatthanakan district of Bangkok, on the north side of Ekkamai or south end of Ramkhamhang. The easiest way to get there is by taking a direct taxi or uber, but it’s also within walking distance from the Ramkhamhaeng Airport Rail station.


Chua Kim Heng (ร้านฉั่วคิมเฮง) is a restaurant in Bangkok that’s legendary for their braised goose.

They’ve been serving the same goose braised in a secret mixture of soy and spices for 4 generations now, and the authentic taste and cooking method has been passed down through the family.

In this blog post I’ll share with you all the details about eating at this famous braised goose place in Bangkok.

It’s also important to note that the braised goose is only served at lunchtime, I think until they run out.

The restaurant is open for dinner as well, but they change to serving khao tom pla (fish rice soup) and other Thai Chinese dishes (checkout the post on BKK Fatty). So if you want to taste their braised goose you have to go for lunch.

The decor is original, with an impressive collection of model figures and pictures of His Majesty the King.

Additionally, there’s the main open air dining room, plus an extra AC room across the driveway… which brings us to the driveway.

It’s absolutely classic. It reminds me of a drive through mechanic or car wash.

You can drive straight through the center of the restaurant to get to the parking lot on the other side. Many car loads of people drop off people right into the restaurant before parking. I love it.

The menu is relatively simple and written in both Thai and English with decent pictures that highlight most of their signature dishes.

Just keep in mind on the menu that when they say “goose leg,” you’ll actually get what is actually the goose foot.

Goose in Bangkok is overall known to be quite expensive, and Chua Kim Heng (ร้านฉั่วคิมเฮง) is additionally extremely famous. So their prices I would say are quite high, it’s not a cheap restaurant.

Chua Kim Heng (ร้านฉั่วคิมเฮง) is a legendary restaurant in Bangkok that has been serving braised goose for 4 generations.

There’s no doubt they serve one of the best versions of braised goose in Bangkok, which is on the salty side and served with an pungently vinegary and garlicky sauce to dip it in.

Eat at Chua Kim Heng (ร้านฉั่วคิมเฮง) for the goose and the well preserved Thai Chinese cultural heritage.
Siang Ki Khao Tom Pla

Address: 54 Soi Bamrungrat (behind Grand China Hotel), Thanon Yaowarat, Samphanthawong, 10100 Bangkok, Thailand
Contact No: +66 89 968 6842
Operating Hour: 4pm to 10pm daily


With a century of history under their belt, Siang Ki Khao Tom Pla in Bangkok's Chinatown must be doing something right. And that something is clear rice soup with fresh seafood originally from China.

Unlike jok, the Cantonese porridge cooked by stewing rice until it breaks down, khao tom calls for the rice to be left intact and served in the starchy soup it's cooked in. At Siang Ki, the seafood version has chunks of lightly poached pomfret, a few fresh oysters and optional fish maw, the prized dried fish bladder whose presence is more for texture than taste. A little bateng, cubed pork fried in spices, soy sauce and sugar, finishes the bowl. Seabass and little chewy dried shrimps are also popular here.

It's a comforting, healthy kind of dish. Something best eaten when you're feeling under the weather. And though the hole-in-the-wall joint is nothing to write home about, the food is becoming somewhat of an institution among the Sino-Thai community in Bangkok's Chinatown. Everything is cooked at the front of the shop, the soup simmering away over a Thai charcoal brazier.

It opens from 4pm until 10pm or whenever they sell out which they often do. Come when they are opening and you'll have no choice but to eat inside the tiny shophouse (or takeaway). From 5pm onwards a scattering of street tables are set up along the pavement outside. Try to avoid the peak hours around 8pm when waiting for a table along with hungry locals is normal.

The most basic of soup at Siang Ki with simply fried tofu starts at 30 THB (around US $1.10) and depending on your combination of seafood works its way up to 500 THB (around US $15.30). While that might feel expensive for street food, who wants to eat cheap seafood?
Kuay Jab Mr. Joe (ร้านก๋วยจั๊บ มิสเตอร์โจ)

Address: 313/7 Soi Chan 42-44, Wat Phraya Krai, Bang Kho Laem, Bangkok 10120
Open hours: 8:30 am – 4 pm daily
Phone: 02-213-3007

ที่อยู่ 313/7 ถ.จันทน์ ระหว่างซอย 42-44 วัดพระยาไกร บางคอแหลม กรุงเทพฯ 10120
โทร. 02-213-3007
เปิดบริการทุกวัน 8.30-16.00 น.

How to get there: Kuay Jab Mr. Joe (ร้านก๋วยจั๊บ มิสเตอร์โจ) is located along Thanon Chan in Sathon. It’s not too far from Surasak or Saphan Taksin BTS stations and it is walkable from either station in about 15 minutes or so. But it’s probably best to get there by taxi as the walking routes are not great.


Kuay Jab Mr. Joe (ร้านก๋วยจั๊บ มิสเตอร์โจ) is a restaurant in Bangkok, located along Thanon Chan near Sathon, that specializes in kuay jab (ก๋วยจั๊บ).

Kuay jab (ก๋วยจั๊บ) is a Thai Chinese soup dish of rice noodle rolls, known for its porky peppery broth, and typically including a series of pork organs and slices of crispy pork belly.

The main dish they serve at Kuay Jab Mr. Joe (ร้านก๋วยจั๊บ มิสเตอร์โจ) as indicated in their name is kuay jab (ก๋วยจั๊บ). However, the real reason everyone eats here is because of their insanely crispy pork belly.

But what they really excel in are all the pig parts and most notably their crispy pork belly (moo krob หมูกรอบ) which is some of the crispiest you’ll find in all of Bangkok.

Eat at Kuay Jab Mr. Joe (ร้านก๋วยจั๊บ มิสเตอร์โจ) for the crispy pork belly!

Address: 9 Charoen Krung Rd, Wat Phraya Krai, Bang Kho Laem, Bangkok 10120, Thailand
Opearting Hour: Daily 7am to 4pm close on monday
Phone: +66 89 603 0908


Tuang Dim Sum is a small (read ‘tiny’ with less than 40 seatings) shophouse with steaming and deep-frying stations in the front. You won’t miss it because there will always be a long queue outside. People come here as early as they could, or they send orders and messengers in to pick the tidbits up. Logistics need to be carefully arranged for people who can’t stand the hassles, yet still want to eat heartily and deliciously at/from this place.

First things first. The place opens at 7 am, (closed every Monday and Tuesday) and the earlier you can manage, the better. There’s no parking whatsoever, so my advice is either to take a bus or taxi from BTS Sathorn. Or better yet, if you are already on the Chaopraya Express Boat, get off at ‘Wat Ratchasingkorn pier, which is the end-of-the-line pier if you are heading towards Sathorn already. And from the temple, just take a stroll north for about 10 minutes or so.

When you reach there, if there’s a queue (expect it), grab a queue and wait. There are two queues: one for seating in and another for taking out. Be mindful of which one you are.

The master chef who runs this place has a full wall adorned with his framed accolades. From what I gathered, he used to work in five-star hotels, no doubt making and mastering their dim sum stations. But from the looks of his tired face both times we were there, I am not quite sure if he is now content being his own boss. (I am sure he is). People are flocking his shop since he opens the door, it is good news for money, but he looks pretty wiped out both times.

Ruenton Restaurant at Montien Hotel Surawong Bangkok
54 Thanon Surawong, Silom, Khet Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500
Tel: +662 233 7060


Montien Hotel Surawong Bangkok’s legendary Chicken and Rice part of your lunch or dinner plan. Service starts from 10am until sold out. There’s only one size which is ฿320++ (฿377 net).

Montien Hotel Surawong Bangkok makes a come-back after 18 months of renovation, from old school to retro chic, foodies can now indulge at Ruenton Restaurant with a revamped version of the famous Chicken and Rice.

Originated in Singapore, this comforting dish only has two essential components: poached chicken and a herb and spice infused white rice served with chilli garlic dipping sauce. The uncomplicated nature of the dish inspires many home chefs to create their own recipes, making Chicken and Rice one of the most popular dishes in Thailand. the dish is relatively easy to find wherever you go in Thailand, it’s been said that you won’t find one that tastes quite like the legendary Chicken and Rice at Montien Hotel Surawong Bangkok.

With the reopening of Ruenton, the hotel’s main restaurant, Bangkok’s foodies can now enjoy the original taste of their famous Chicken and Rice in a new contemporary setting. After 18 months of renovation, the restaurant has turned over a new leaf to reveal a modern retro interior design inspired by classic Thai hues, complete with a private collection of Chinese pottery and antiques from the owner’s private collection. “We are extremely proud to mark this exciting new chapter in Ruenton’s history as we welcome back regular customers together with a new generation of diners to celebrate this amazing transformation,” said Montien Hotel’s Executive Director, Mr Montien Tantakit. The new ‘retro chic’ setting makes an incredible backdrop for those wanting to dust-off their vintage finds and don their flared jeans and plaid shirts, just like the good ol’ days.

It wasn’t an easy feat making an ordinary dish memorable. Before Montien’s Chicken and Rice became legendary, Executive Chef Amnuay Aneksuwan, who has been with the Montien Hotel’s restaurant for over 19 years and counting, the team studied the dish and created thousands of recipes for the hotel’s chairman to sample. “He asked them to make this dish for him to try every day. Their experiments must have taken thousands of chickens and countless bags of rice before they could finally perfect this much-loved dish as we know it today.” Not a bad position to be in, we think.
Jae Som Fish Ball Noodle Shop
Wat Mangkon
233, 2 Thanon Santiphap, Bangkok, Thailand, 233
Tel: +66 84 015 2506
Operating Hour: 10am to 2pm daily.


Another legendary fish ball noodle, the king of the circle 22 Fishballs are big, peng, sticky, tight, chewy, shrimp balls/Hua Kuay great! Orange Fish Ball Noodles It has been sold for a long time.

his fish ball shop is delicious, reasonable price, 8 baht per ball, and 60 baht per noodle, very delicious.

There is also selling rice and curry. This fish ball is not fishy, big ball is peng, sticky, firm, chewy, no flour (you can see the fish ball is big peng compared to the finger in the picture), shrimp ball, hua guay, great.

It's delicious. Chinese Yaowarat people, various lines and machines, use good quality raw materials, inexpensive, sold no later than noon, it's gone. Another favorite of Yaowarat area.
Ba Mee Jub Kang (บะหมี่จับกัง)

Address: 38 Charoen Krung Soi 23, Yaowarat, Bangkok
Phone: 02-2226769 , 02-2255975
Open hours: 9 am – 8 pm daily (but usually closed on the 15th and 30th of each month)
Price: 35 THB ($1.08)

ที่อยู่ : 38 ซอยเจริญกรุง 23 ใกล้กับวัดมังกรกมลาวาส ถนนเจริญกรุง แขวงเยาวราช เขตสัมพันธวงศ์ กรุงเทพฯ
โทร.02-2226769 , 02-2255975
เปิดทุกวัน เวลา 09.00 – 20.00 น. หยุดทุวันที่ 15,30 ของเดือน
บะหมี่ธรรมดา 35 – บะหมี่พิเศษ 45-

How to get there:
The nearest mass transit station is Hua Lamphong on the MRT, or you can take a taxi. Once you’re in Yaowarat, you’ve got to navigate your way over to Charoen Krung road and find Soi 23 (just a motorbike / walking soi), and the stall is right down the soi about 20 meters or so. They are doing some construction now, so things can be a bit tricky, but you’ll find it.


Big Bowls of Old Skool Egg Noodles in Bangkok’s Yaowarat.

When you see a rustic old-skool restaurant like Ba Mee Jub Kang (บะหมี่จับกัง), you know they have a food story to tell.

It’s located in a dungeon dark and damp alley, just off the always busy Charoen Krung road in Bangkok’s Chinatown, and just a short distance from one of my favorite curry stalls in town.

They have been serving hungry workers for years, and the street food wear and tear is good enough evidence of their success.

As I’m told, they didn’t even have a restaurant name for the longest time, they were just there.

Ba mee (บะหมี่), is the Thai word for yellow egg noodles, and jub kang (จับกัง) is a word used to describe people who work really hard – basically any kind of laborer – a constructions worker, a delivery man, a cart pusher, tuk tuk driver… you get the idea.

So put the two together, and Ba Mee Jub Kang (บะหมี่จับกัง) is a Thai street food stall that serves hungry hard workers.

Anyway, before we get started on the food, I just want to quickly give you a tour of the kitchen.

It’s not cleanest place in the world.

There are a couple of simmering pots of liquid puffing away on one side, and a couple of tables, all a little lopsided and appearing as if they could topple over with a few too many bowls of noodles on top.

Nevertheless, you don’t exactly come to Ba Mee Jub Kang (บะหมี่จับกัง) for the ambiance (I’m sure you can tell).And what do hard laborers need more than anything?

Pretty decent bowl of Thai ba mee egg noodles (บะหมี่), and a truly wonderful street food environment – but just be warned this place is pretty local – and you’ve got to really be a street food fan to come here.

Pad Thai Fai Ta Lu – Dinso Road

115/5 Dinso Rd, Baworniwet, Phranakorn, Bangkok 10200, Thailand
Opening Hours: 10am – 7pm (Mon – Sun)


Famous Pad Thai With Berkshire Pork Loin, Awarded Michelin Bib Gourmand.

Pad Thai Fai Ta Lu does one thing best, and no prizes for guessing which. Half of the storefront resembles a food cart, behind which blazing hot flames fire up woks of stir-fried rice noodles.

By night, neon signs light up the two-storey restaurant to signal the time for business.

To be honest, I was surprised at the prices of the Pad Thai here – the plate with the shrimp at 350 THB.

Pad Thai Fai Ta Lu is opened by Michelin-starred Chef Andy Yang who is behind Thai restaurant Rhong Tiam in New York City and Table 38 in Bangkok.

He has four versions of Pad Thai up his sleeves. Portion sizes may be on the smaller side. Take it as a sign to have a tasting of different plates.

A common street food, Pad Thai is a well-known stir-fried rice noodle dish fried and included with shrimp, eggs, peanuts, chopped firm tofu and more with flavours coming from Tamarind juice and fish sauce.

The main outlet of Pad Thai Fai Ta Lu can be found at Dinso Road, and that is awarded a Michelin Bib Gourmand.

New branch is at Siam Square.
Kha Moo Sai Tua Jae Ta

Address: 25 Charoen Krung Rd, Pom Prap, Pom Prap Sattru Phai, Bangkok 10100
Nearest Train Station: Wat Mangkorn MRT
Opening Hours: Tue-Sun: 10:30AM-7PM (closed on Mondays)
Telephone: +66 90 598 2698


What makes Jae Ta’s braised pork stand out from other stalls is the addition of peanuts into their broth. This is a family recipe that was passed down to the owner by her parents, and has been their trick of the trade for almost half a century.

A favourite amongst Thai locals, Khao Kha Moo (฿40) is a dish many of us go to when we have no idea what to eat. This is a simple yet hearty meal made up of braised pork, fermented vegetables, and of course, Jae Ta’s signature peanuts.

For those who’d rather not have the jelly-like pork fat as part of their meal, you can let them know to just include pork meat cuts. They also offer a mixed meat option for those who would like to try everything for ฿70. This comes with braised pork, swine entrails, pork tail, and egg.

We loved how the pork was really tender and rich from all that broth. The peanuts also helped enhance the flavour and added a nice creaminess to each bite.

Ruam Mitr Mor Din (฿130) is a combination of all meat items that include braised pork, peanuts, swine entrails, pork tail, tofu, and egg, topped with fermented lettuce and coriander. We recommend getting this as a sharing item for 2 people, and can be ordered with steamed rice.

Jae Ta is located Makam Alley, which is just a 5 minute walk from Wat Mangkorn MRT.

So if you ever find yourself in the area, don’t forget to drop by to try this unique khao kha moo which you won’t find anywhere else.

Celadon Bangkok

Address: 13/3 S Sathon Rd, Thung Maha Mek, Khet Sathon, Bangkok 10120, Thailand
Phone: +66 2 344 8888
Operating Hour: 6 to 11pm daily


Elegant Fine Thai Cuisine at The Sukhothai Hotel.

Celadon, located in The Sukhothai Bangkok is no stranger to foodies who love Thai Fine Dining. In fact, we haven’t heard much about Celadon but yet they are always fully booked every night.

Celadon is listed in The Plate MICHELIN Guide 2018 and also voted as the “Best Restaurant in Bangkok” by Travel and Leisure magazine.

After a long Covid-inflicted break, we are happy to see Celadon back in action (currently only for dinner from Thursdays to Saturdays), allowing stalwart chef Rosarin Sriprathum’s immaculate Thai dishes to once again bless diners in Bangkok. Together with The Sukhothai Hotel’s famous brand of hospitality, Celadon will surely deliver if you have a special occasion or and important someone to impress.

We were happy to see our usual favourites like the Deep-fried duck leg confit with tamarind sauce and Grilled marinated pork neck back on the menu.

After trying the dishes from Celadon, I now understand why they are always fully booked every night. The items and flavours served are familiar to many locals and tourists. It can be considered a “safe” option and you don’t have to worry that you will be presented with extremely new and unique flavours that you might not be comfortable.

Celadon is located on the premises of The Sukhothai Hotel and it makes a good choice if you want to bring your family or clients to somewhere nice for Thai Fine Dining. You won’t be disappointed.